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DucktaleZ 3 DucktaleZ 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great stuff.

That was a very well done flashtoon. Great work.

I thought the voice acting was a bit hokey, but oh well. The jokes weren't having me laughing my ass off, but they were funny.
Plus the jokes all seemed to be yours. I got a bit suspicious around where Vegeta said, "Stop trying to hit me and hit me." but you gagged it up with Scrooge's reply, "I'm not trying!"
Great stuff. Pretty good script too.

The animation for Vegeta is very fitting for his character. Your original badly drawn Duck Tales characters are a really interesting contrast to Vegeta's fairly well-drawn appearance and animations.
In any case, the animations were very well done. Good job there.
I was especially impressed when you have the "real" Scrooge McDuck show up when Vegeta did that change thing.

The big thing about this though is the length. It's FULL LENGTH. It has an actual beginning, middle, and end. Most flashtoons seem to carry on fairly well for about two minutes and then the artist gives up and shoves a "To be continued?" picture up your ass. I have always hated that, since they usually do it improperly.
But you -- you finished the whole thing. You went through all the proper styles to make it seem very movie-like.

I must say that this is rare to see someone actually accomplish something with composition that comes together so naturally.
Sure, it's funny, but is it good?

I think so. I'll be sure to show this one around.

Most excellent work. The quality was lacking in some areas, but I feel that the length and style make up for it, and even nulls (or at least lessens) its necessity.
The fruits of your effort have certainly paid off. I hope you don't feel like you wasted half a year of your life on this.
You know your stuff, bud. Congratulations.

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TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Hey, that was pretty good.

I loved "We get signal."

I'd be more constructive but... you know what you doing!! Hur hur. I'm so clever I should be shot.

I didn't find this very funny, but I can appreciate it. It's fun to watch. I've seen it like four or five times even though I hate the music quality. Running the MIDI through Wingroove could have spiffed it a little, but not so much that you lose the feel for the original Genesis sound. MIDI is close, but not too much.
Hell, it did a decent job.
It's just such an interesting take on Zero Wing and a Bohemian Rhapsody tribute.
As for repeated lines, I really didn't mind. You could have shuffled them around a bit more, but whatever.
I love CATS' voice. The actor did a good job. It really does sound like what he looks like. The other characters had fitting voices as well; I just liked CATS' in particular.

I figured you could use more anime shading (like what how you shaded CATS) as opposed to using those gradients. They didn't look too good.
Excellent reproduction with the game's graphics. Good job drawing CATS in a new pose, as well as the crew of course.

Good job you guys. May I suggest you do an original series (non musical) based on Zero Wing? With your animutation experience, you could probably write a pretty bad script.
It may be asking a lot since you'd probably take a lot more shit than you took for this. What a bunch of whiners.

Yar. Until next time.

TmsT responds:

Ooooh, you're onto me.
A spin off of Zero Wing Rhapsody is that now I have all these redone graphics to play with. I've already come up with truckloads of ideas for new takes on the original... Dunno if I'll make them though... We shall see.

Bionic Commando Outakes Bionic Commando Outakes

Rated 2 / 5 stars

That's it? Oh, come on.

I love Bionic Commando, I'll say first.

I thought the animation was damn smooth. When he ate it into the steel beam and fell, that was funny.
The wire joke was not too funny.
He gets a gun add-on. What the hell is it? A backward shotgun that flashes faster and faster, and then blows his head off? That could have been funny, if it made any sense. Maybe I'm missing something.

Now, this next scene looked good because a ton of guys show up. Too bad you added some stupid song. You know what would have been good? Go to VGMix and borrow a Bionic Commando remix. That way the music is good AND relevant.
In any case, the scene. It looked good because those guys all appear. I'll say again that your animation is damn smooth. It shows well here.
The Commando flies across the screen and takes them all down in one move (looked decent). His eye glints and he screws off.

Suddenly, the movie is in fast motion. Sorry to say, but fast motion looks stupid.
The Commando lands and is shot at; he outruns the bullet and just flies (literally) upward off screen.
"The hunters become the hunted." Oooo!
Credits roll. Here I am staring in awe at the lack of content.
"That's all? What the hell was that?"
If you're looking for short, fast, and funny, you almost had it, but for a movie that's supposed to have outtakes (funny at that), you blew it. It just didn't work.
Definitely would have been better with some more thought into the jokes, and at least four more outtakes. Remember to save the best for last, keep the least funny the shortest.

Eh, I'm probably sounding like an asshole but oh well. Forgive me for being constructive.

There were like three outtakes and then you totally blew it with some bad randomness at the end there.
The transition between outtakes was good. It reminded me of certain games that used such a transition.
You managed to minimize distortion of the graphics, as well as maintain similar smooth animation throughout. Nice work there.

God damn, though, you really need a cover for your mic; there was a lot of scratchy breath sounds because you were breathing into it while you were talking. Breathing into your mic while you do voicework is hardly avoidable, which is why you need to get a cover. I recommend a piece of sponge or foam.

Anyways, good job on animation, not good job on jokes, too few outtakes, and definitely put more work into it next time.
It's for a competition? Makes no difference to the viewer.

You spent about six hours on it? Come on. At least work on it for a day, give the gags some strong though, and then you'll have something you can really show off.

Keep it up, bud.

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